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   Discovering Sculpture: The Lost Wax Technique DVD
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    Description: It is the analysis of the world that is the key to the great communication of the Humanities - to unlock and experience the expressions and emotions of painters and sculptors dead for perhaps a thousand years. Their message to us trapped in pieces of marble, clay and dye with the secrets and the sensitivities that the centuries haven't faded. We live in the third dimension - our whole stream of awareness bounded by it and we have something to help us express the three dimensions to others. It is a sense and it is called touch and touch is a large portion of the art form known as sculpture. In this program, the ability to use one's hands to manipulate material in order to communicate with the eyes of others will be highlighted and explored.
    Price: $49.95
    Copyright: ©2005
    Format: 1 DVD
    Length:23 minutes
    UPC:69394 0223235
    Learning Objectives: To help the student to heighten the students' awareness of reality and to relay that world into a three dimensional form through sculpture.
    To help the student to not only unlock the messages and emotions from sculptors past, but also to make their own contribution to humanity’s statement.
    To expose the student to different techniques of sculpting.

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    Discovering Sculpture: The Lost Wax Technique is a fascinating examination of the third dimension in the arts, sculpture. Emphasizing the importance of the sense of touch in three dimensional art, world renowned artist Gary Schofield graphically demonstrates the technique of sculpting and casting of Bronze sculptures. To open, there is a lot of relevant historical background here, with especially effective discussion of Ancient Greek sculpture, as well as the works of Michelangelo and the techniques he used. Schofield emphasizes the precision required in sculpting stone or marble, which, as a process of subtraction, leaves no room for error. Schofield then contrasts this with the preparation of bronze work. By demonstrating the preparation of the initial clay model though a process of both addition and subtraction, the film shows that this is an approach that would allow anyone, even a beginner, to reach the desired result through a process of trial and error guided by the sense of touch. After that the viewer is walked through a visually stunning narration of the steps used to transfer that clay model into bronze. Throughout, the soundtrack, also composed and performed by the multi talented Schofield, provides a perfect accompaniment- this DVD is worth the price for the music alone! I have seen nothing on the market in the field of art instructional/analysis videos that can compare with this unique, high quality offering. This is a repackaging and re-release of one program in the excellent "New Dimensions" series, and lives up to the standard set by the series as a whole. John S Nolan, PhD Professor and Academic Director, Humanities UMUC-Europe
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