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   Understanding Painting: Tonal Values DVD
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    Description: The making of art requires more than just expression. Artists not only EXPRESS ideas in work but they must also be able to PERCEIVE the world around them. Since the first spark of consciousness lit the pathway to the birth of Civilization man has endeavored to portray and capture flickers of the lonely vastness of his Universe, to portray that most intangible quality; the essence of being human. The expression of humanity communicated and preserved in tangible form. Art comes not so much from a knowledge of colors to mix, drawing skills, or the laws of perspective but from the adoption of a method of analysis of the world around us. A painting is an illusion, of space, of depths, of solid objects. Understand the mechanism of phenomena in nature and you can imprison it in two dimensions, in a painting. In this program, we will endeavor to show you that this ability is inherent in all and there is but one step in its attainment. It requires merely a change - a change in perception.
    Price: $49.95
    Copyright: ©2005
    Format: 1 DVD
    Length:13 minutes
    UPC:69394 0223136
    Learning Objectives: To help the student to understand what kinds of thoughts are going through an artistís head when she or he is sitting before a blank canvas.
    To help the student to understand if there any ways we can make painting easier and less daunting.
    To help the student to understand the importance of tonal values in painting.

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