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   Creating Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence DVD
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    Description: It's never too late to improve one's feelings of self-worth. Simple strategies that anyone can employ are outlined in this helpful video that every student needs to see.
    Price: $59.95
    Copyright: ©2004
    Format: 1 DVD
    Length:13 minutes
    UPC:69394 0168932
    Learning Objectives: 1) Students will learn that confidence is not an inherited trait.
    2) Students will learn how to put negative influences into perspective. The power of positive thoughts will be discussed.
    3) Students will learn how goal-setting can improve a person's self-image.

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    "This motivational video is intended to help viewers increase self-esteem and self-confidence. It introduces the idea that self-confidence is not inherited and that students can learn to deal with negative influences, and stresses the importance of goal setting. Viewers are warned that fashion magazines and Madison Avenue contribute to feelings of low self-esteem in women. The video explains that visualizing success requires action and planning to put into practice. Some of the advice given is to practice self-acceptance, think positive, shut out the negative, forgive yourself, avoid negative people, and concentrate on your strengths. Viewers are told to reward themselves when they meet a goal. the production is well-paced and moves briskly from scene to scene to maintain interest among the MTV generation. The transitions are slick, and effective use is made of subtitles to reinforce points made. Males and females are well-represented. It ends with a review quiz with immediate feedback for each question."
    SOURCE: School Library Journal, July 2000 Issue
    AUTHOR: Sandra L. Doggett, Urbana High School, Ijannsville, MD
    Reproduced, with permission from School Library Journal Copyright
    By Cahners Business Information
    A Division of Reed Elsevier Inc
    Special Features:
    Region Free

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